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About Our Clinic

About SQ1 Stem Cell Clinic

SQ1 stands for "Square One" which means back to the original, and we hope that stem cell therapy can bring your body back to its original healthy state, allowing you to return to a high-quality life. The main research direction of SQ1 Stem Cell Medical Center is the in vitro culture and application of stem cells. Our experts have dedicated their whole lives to the field of stem cell research. We have successfully used patients' cells to grow human organs. In vitro culture and application have become our core strengths. We also hope to restore your body to a healthy and youthful state through advanced stem cell therapy!

We have more than 100 professional medical personnel at SQ1 Stem Cell Medical Center, which can provide medical services in all departments. Our mission is to provide each patient with the highest level of therapeutic effect and medical care and allow our patients to benefit from stem cell therapy.

Here at SQ1 medical center, our doctors and experts have successfully treated over 10,000 patients who have achieved desirable treatment results. Most patients keep in touch with us after treatment and become friends with us.  

Why We Founded SQ1 Stem Cell Clinic

Why We Founded SQ1 Stem Cell Clinic

In our childhood, we know one needs to see a doctor when he/she is sick. We tend to believe the doctor we met would have provided the best treatment plan for us. But unfortunately, that is not the fact. Limited by local medical resources and levels, lots of traditional medical methods are with unfavorable treatment effects. Thousands of hundreds of patients with chronic diseases have not been thoroughly treated. Many of them have relied on medications for very long periods. Those patients not only suffer from the diseases but also face great inconvenience in their lives.

Stem cell therapy is the most advanced therapeutic technique in the medical field worldwide. There have been many successful cases in major developed countries. We created an SQ1 medical center to provide worldwide patients with state-of-art treatment that brings desirable outcomes better than most people could imagine. We wish to bring hope to patients all over the world through SQ1 medical centers so that more and more patients can regain their high quality of life. 

Our Laboratory And Medical Devices

We have modern GMP-compliant stem cell laboratory, and an elegant and clean medical environment. The clinical-grade cells we produce meet the quality regulatory requirements of the EU and the United States, and have passed the EU certification. Laboratory-grown stem cells meet the highest required stem cell quality standards to ensure a safe and effective treatment process. At present, our clinic has many stem cell clinical programs and has also won many inventions and patents.

SQ1 medical center is equipped with the most advanced medical equipment from Philips. All pieces of equipment are operated by a professional team and all processes are carried out by international quality standards to provide patients with the best treatment with precision, safety, and convenience services.

Our Laboratory And Medical Devices

Meet Our Experts

Stem Cell Therapy Price
Ihor Prydachuk
The highest-ranking certified doctor in Ukraine The medical head for the President of Ukraine

lhor Prydachuk is the highest-ranking certified doctor in Ukraine and the medical head of the President of Ukraine. For more than 30 years, he has held senior positions in practical medicine in the public sector and commercial hospitals. He was a head of the team of doctors, responsible for the health of the President of Ukraine and Ukraine’s VIPs. He has extensive experience in managing medicine and creating and promoting commercial medical centers. For the past 10 years, he has been working on issues of preventive medicine and rehabilitation after a serious illness in the main medical institutions in Kyiv. His life creed is that “The main criteria that determine the degree to which goals are achieved are professionalism, organization, and decency.”

Price Of Stem Cell Therapy
Svetlana Gramatiuk
Ph.D., Harvard Medical School Professor, Louisiana State University

Professor Svetlana is one of the leading experts in the field of regenerative medicine in Ukraine and Europe and the president of the Ukrainian United Biobank. She is also one of the pioneers of stem cell clinical medicine in Ukraine. She also teaches in many well-known medical universities and has rich experience in biological sample banks, stem cell culture, differentiation, and cell quality control. Svetlana Gramatyuk specializes in hepatology and virology and is very confident in treating patients with hepatitis and cirrhosis (various etiologies).

Primary Ovarian Insufficiency Treatment
Roman Sulik
The president of the Ukrainian Association of Physicians and Scientists

Roman Sulik is the attending physician at SQ1 Neurology and President of the Ukrainian Association of Physicians and Scientists. He is a highly qualified physician with extensive experience in stem cell research, with particular expertise in neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's. He is also a lecturer in numerous neurology educational programs and has published many research results in the field of neurology.

Stem Cell Treatment
Yulia Ivanova
35 years of experience in the field of diabetes

Professor Julia Ivanova is the Director of Endocrine Surgery at SQ1 Medical Center. She has 35 years of working experience in this field and has cured tens of thousands of patients, especially in the treatment of diabetes. She uses stem cell therapy to help diabetes get rid of drug dependence, restore blood sugar stability, and allow patients to obtain a higher quality of life.

Stem Cells And Regeneration
Maxim Kozub
More than 10 patents in the field of gynecology

Prof. Maxim Kozub holds more than 10 patents in the field of treating gynecological pathology using stem cells. He is a world-class expert in the treatment of diseases such as ovarian failure syndrome. In his practice, they use their own patented method, as well as that of Nankai University in China, to treat patients. According to the results of the therapy, 87% of patients improved ovarian function and further contributed to an ideal pregnancy.

Stem Cell Treatment For Male Infertility
Anna Kurbatova
Has worked in this field for over 10 years

Dr. Anna has expertise in anti-aging and beauty therapy and has worked in this field for over 10 years. Dr. Anna's work is like magic, but it is medical science. Anti-aging therapy is an innovative anti-aging therapy. Dr. Anna will customize a one-to-one treatment plan for each patient, which can help patients restore the youthful state of the body. Apart from that, it also can help patients restore facial and body skin rejuvenation.

Stem Cell Treatments
Gennady Bondarev
The vice-president of the Society of Interventional Orthopedics and Traumatology

Gennady Bondarev is one of Ukraine's leading experts in the use of stem cells for the treatment of osteoarthritis. He is the vice-president of the Society of Interventional Orthopedics and Traumatology, and he is also the author and co-author of many industry-renowned scientific papers. He has developed several innovative approaches for the treatment of orthopedics and the patient achieved good treatment effect.

Stem Cell Injection
Alexander Nizhavko
20+ years of experience in the treatment of erectile dysfunction

Professor Knygavko has worked in the field of erectile dysfunction for over 20 years. The method he uses is particularly useful for men with erectile dysfunction due to surgery for malignant and benign prostate tumors. In addition, he was also able to address penis size issues through injection techniques and intervention using stem cells.

Regenerative Medicine Stem Cells
Katerina Smolyanik
Thousands of success stories in treating lung diseases

Dr. Katerina Smolyanik is a pulmonologist at SQ1 Medical Center, and specializes in using stem cells to treat typical lung diseases including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension and bronchiolitis obliterans, and so on, and successfully freed thousands of patients from lung diseases.

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